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Original Message
Author Ray Glasson 
Topic Muslim Schools 
Date Entered 29/08/2008 14:56:56 
I refer to ‘His Say’ in the Herald Newspaper from Iftikhar Ahmad from the London School of Islamics on 21 Aug 08.
I feel sure that the readers of the Herald will not wish to read the line by line commentary I am tempted to submit regarding such a lightly veneered diatribe.
I however hope I will be allowed to make a number of observations.
1) No child is ‘born’ a Muslim or a Christian etc. Such ‘belief’ labels are only ‘true’ to a person once they have reached a sufficient level of maturity to be able to decide for them selves. Surely there are not those of you who believe a child can be born a Conservative or Communist etc.?
2) No child is ‘born’ with a ‘culture’ or a ‘history’ these are things that belong to parents and relatives. All that a child is born with is DNA links. Its culture should be mainly that of the country into which it is born as it is a ‘child of that country’ and its history will be that which it lives through. To totally impose or transpose ones own ‘culture’ on to a child is not education but indoctrination.
3) Any ‘belief based’ establishment [school] that claims to ‘educate’ cannot truly be fully committed to education when it demands as one of its prerequisites a belief in ‘a supreme supernatural being’ of unproven validity. I would suggest that ‘education’ is being confused with ‘instruction’.
4) A community was initially a micro-version of the society in which it existed. The creation of ‘a community’ that is separate to and unrepresentative of the whole of national society is a backward step and socially destructive. [see community segregations in USA and SA past]

I am compelled to paraphrase and old piece of wisdom:-

“A guest in another’s house lives by the rules of their host.
Should a guest disagree with their host then after thanks for hospitality
the guest should without malice leave the house”

I feel we all need to take a large step back from the continuous round of historic; emotional; self serving responses we often see/hear in the news media.
Genetically we are all mongrels; Culturally we are all ‘mix and match’;
Educationally we are all sorely lacking.

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