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Author Iftikhar 
Topic Crime Against Humanity 
Date Entered 03/12/2004 23:38:22 
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Crime against Humanity

To deprive a Muslim child from his/her culture and language is a crime against Humanity. Children of minority communities have the right to enjoy their own culture and to practice their own religion and language. British Muslims have been denying such rights in the field of education. Education shall aim at developing the child’s personality, the talents, mental and physical abilities to the fullest extent. Education shall prepare the child for an active adult life in a free society and foster respect for the child’s parents, his or her cultural identity, language and values. UK Government is a signatury of this convention and has an obligation to comply with this convention under UK Law.

It is absurd to say that Muslim community should demonstrate “Englishness”. They can’t. But they can be and are British. Curriculum does not reflect their needs and demands. The relationship between native teachers and Muslim children generally characterized by “conflict and fear”. We have lost three generations and fourth one is in the process of loosing its linguistic, Religious and cultural Identity. Respect and tolerance of different religions, cultures and languages are essential for positive community cohesion. Community cohesion is not just about attitudes and values. It means tackling basic inequalities at the same time. We cannot hope to have a cohesive community if some sections are so disadvantaged that they have no hope of securing a real stake in society.

The solution of all those problems is state-funded Muslim schools. More and more people are coming round to the view that an Islamic school is the best choice for their children because it strengthens and maintains their children’s faith and practice of Islam, but also offers the best chance of academic success, as GCSE results continue to confirm. Today the Muslim community is faced with situations where the morality and education is declining in schools and their children are being exposed and being entrapped into a way of life which is un-Islamic. According to a recent survey, nine out of ten Muslim parents would like to send their children to state funded Muslim schools.

The first wave of Muslims used English as an economic language and still it is not used as a social and emotional language. English could become social and emotional language if Muslims start moving in and around pubs, indulge in binge drinking, visiting night clubs and frequently changing partners. This is what the British establishment want them to be an integral part of the British society. Islam is a maker of Identity and belonging rather than a system of belief. The Imams from the sub-continent are well versed in Urdu, Arabic, and Persian on top of their mother tongue: Punjabi, Bengali or Gujrati and other regional languages. They come here to serve the spiritual, social and emotional needs of the Muslim community in their own languages. Urdu is a literary, social and emotional language of the Muslims from the sub-continent, Arabic is their religious language and English is for economic activity and prosperity.
Iftikhar Ahmad

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