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Author Vandersar 
Topic What is it that I can't do? Teaching Muslims 
Date Entered 28/01/2008 23:24:24 
Message As a non-Muslim teacher who speaks 4 languages fluently. I was wondering Mr Ahmed (if that is your real name)if you could clearly and explicitly tell me the answers to these very important educational questions.

1.) Why exactly (bearing in mind I am NOT monolingual) am I unable to teach Muslim children successfully? Now bearing in my mind I can speak 4 languages. What am I not doing in a classroom that a Muslim that speaks Urdu and English would do? Please be specific - What happens in my lessons that would Not happen if a Muslim was taking my class?

2.) Why do Chinese and Indian immigrants outscore Muslim children? Why can they benefit from our educational system better than Muslim children?

3.) Even if you are given Muslim schools run by Muslim teachers. The state will require you to admit 10% of children that are non-Muslim. How will your teachers cater for these children? What lessons will they do when the Muslims are being taught Arabic/Urdu?

4.) How do you explain Honour killings outside the UK? You seem to think Britain's education system is somehow responsible. Who is responsible for honour killings OUTSIDE THE UK?

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