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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Islamic Schools 
Author Administrator Administrator 
Date Created 17/07/2002 18:23:06 
Message Do we need Islamic Schools ? 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author liloldme 
Date Created 30/05/2004 05:12:42 
Author xxx has pointed out that: "Religion is free, one one the few free things left to us and i think anyone should believe in their gods not to be forced into strict regimes and brainwashing as muslims usually do."

ok i wont dispute on that, 'coz some Muslims do try to impose Islam on others. but that is totally against the spirit of Islam. sigh! now i am getting exasperated. so much confusion has been created about Islam, that now it is very difficult to present it in its true form. Although, it's not your fault, but still, you should not believe in what is largely nowadays viewed as the stereotypical image of Islam. Islam abhors fanaticism and extremism. as well as it strictly dissuades us from forcing its dictates down other's throats. that is repulsive.

you said:
"My biggest sins were committed through someone who prayed five times, married with kids and called himself a good muslim. Is a good muslim someone who is cheating, betraying, lying, making false statements and forcing the others to have an abortion? These things happen in Islam too, so dont predicate if u dont know what u r talking about."

well, that is totally your personal experience and in no way does that person reflect Islam himself. he had his own tragic flaws, but , only because he did not adhere to the teachings of Islam fully. if you happened to meet a true Muslim some day, who followed Islam diligently, you would not be disappointed. or maybe u would be, but that would depend upon your perception. if a Christian is very corrupt, i would not blame his religion for it, but the person himself for being so.

Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Penny 
Date Created 19/07/2004 19:38:39 
Message Iftikhar, I have just received your latest mass-mailing. I had ceased to post on this site, as there is no debate at all. However, your last mail contained some very inflammatory statements.

"State schools are slaughter houses and are not suitable for bilingual Muslim children. Muslim children in the UK may lose out when they join reception classes because the school’s values and language reflect those of the dominant native culture, rather than those of their home".

I work in one of these "slaughterhouses". How dare you use such a word. Have you been in a primary school lately? We have Muslim pupils. Every respect is given to both to their religion and culture. Wake up and smell the coffee, Iftikhar; you chose to live in England. Why should it offend you if our schools teach in the "dominant native culture"? Why shouldn't we English people have schools which reflect our culture? If you so badly want this form of segregated education, I politely suggest that you emigrate to a Muslim country. We have no obligation to provide anybody with specialised facilities; one of the reasons so many people wish to live in England is our reputation for tolerance and multi-culturalism. You seem to wish to undermine this by segregation, and also by insulting the English system of education and the people who work in it. Your warped views on this country have no place in any education system. I fervently hope that you do not have any access to young minds. Kindly remove me from your mass mailing list, as I can no longer bear to read your poisonous posts. 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Dase 
Date Created 11/08/2004 18:47:07 
Message Lea,
You sound very very funny, you claim to be a catholic but from what you are saying and the way you've been discussing inthis forum, it seems as if you have been born, breed and you are still a muslim.
You see, I am not a muslim but I was trained by the muslims even my best lecturer is a muslim, but that does not make me to prevent myself getting my facts across.
In Islam, there is chance for you to lie so as to deceive others, but the kind of others that could be deceived are those that do not know islam before. I guess you should be more straightforward and stop deceiving yourself.
We here are not fools.
Speak your facts, say your view, and let us criticize both your views and your religion (Islam).
for more information check this website www.prophetofdoom.net 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author William Haines 
Date Created 19/05/2008 12:44:02 
Message You say: "Muslim children leave schools with Identity Crises crucial for mental, emotional and personality development."

Do Hindus and Sikhs leave school with the same problems? If not why not?

You say: "Institutional racism is rife in schools and is responsible for poorer academic of most Blacks and Muslim children."

This is simplistic. Teachers teach a class. They don't teach the white kids and ignore the black and Asian ones. A teacher can't tell whether and Asian is Muslim, Sikh or Hindu unless they happen to be wearing distinctive clothing which most don't. Why is it that Hindu Indians do better than white English, Pakistanis and Bengalis? The situation with black children is more to do with family breakdown and single parenthood and other community values than teacher discrimination.

You say: "British teachers have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community." This is a pretty offensive and untrue stereotype.

You say: "State funded Muslim schools need Muslim teachers. Highly qualified teachers can be recruited from Muslim countries for the teaching of National Curriculum"

Catholic and Anglican state school are not allowed to demand Catholic or Anglican teachers except for religious education. Muslim schools would also not be allowed to discriminate against teachers who are not Muslims except for RE.

At the end of the day, would Muslim countries allow immigrant communities of white Christians to set up their own state funded or even independent schools? Or build their own churches? Or allow them to witness to and convert Muslims to Christianity? If not why are you asking for something that you would not be willing to grant to others? Why are you demanding a double standard? 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author maryam 
Date Created 15/06/2008 10:18:34 
Message Iqra Independent School
3-5 Gresham Road
020 7501 9710

Iqra Independent was established at Brixton Mosque in September 1994 Mashallah. The founder-Headmistress sister Aisha Abdul-Malik (may Allaah have Mercy on her) initiated the launch of Iqra with the challenge of educating Muslim Children in predominantly non-Muslim society, the School has as its dictum: ‘Training for this life and the hereafter’
It is an independent UK Islamic school helping young Muslims learn about the importance of their faith while being part of British society. The Iqra School provides education for mainly migrant youngsters living in Lambeth.
The school is now looking to get state funding to continue the work. Iqra Independent School in Brixton has been going for 12 years meeting the growing demands for secular education in an Islamic setting in this part of South West London.

There are currently around ten thousand Muslims families living in Lambeth and the school came about because of the lack of such a facility in the local area. Pupils aged three to eleven attending the school are offered both traditional and Islamic education meeting the needs of the Muslim community.
It’s the ability to offer not just the standard British National curriculum but also the grounding in Islam that sets this school apart from others. The Iqra Independent School is currently not part of the UK state sector and parents who send their children here have to pay fees between £1500 and £2500 a year. Many of them are on low incomes or benefits and struggle to find the money to pay for education at the school.
A key factor in the school’s recent success has been the development of the outside area. Through their own efforts they’ve turned an overgrown garden into a playground where a range of activities can now take place. Most of the children come from the local area, but some travel a considerable distance to attend school.
Parents feel it offers their children the right blend of religious and formal education. Iqra’s administrator has worked at other Muslim schools and believes it provides a rounded education, showing children how to be Islamic while integrating with wider society.
Many of the teachers at the school are working for half their normal pay. Some have come after being at similar institutions but are now at the school because they want to put back something into the Islamic community.
For the children, the school provides them with a happy and secure environment where they can immerse themselves in both Islam and their normal studies. The school raised funds to help victims for Cyclone Nargis in Burma by selling cakes and ice cream after lessons. It’s their way of showing support for what’s happening in the wider world. The school’s trustees believe institutions like Iqra are needed in the UK.
The school wants to become ‘voluntary aided’ and be given funds from the UK government to provide education and be at the heart of the local Muslim community. Iqra school has a bright future and should become a beacon for what’s possible in multicultural Britain to provide children with a Muslim and secular education in an Islamic environment.
At present, the school is near to its capacity of 110 pupils. Approximately 60% of pupils are from Somalia, 10% of Caribbean heritage and the remainder of Bangladeshi, Algerian and Moroccan heritage.
The school is currently charging £2500 per year in fees, an increase in the 2007/08 school year from £1500 per year in 2006/07. This is putting a huge strain on the parents who struggle to make the payments. The school has difficulty collecting the fees every month and the lack of financial resources available to the school has meant that it is unable to attract qualified teaching staff, with the average salary for the teachers at the school being £8000 per year. The acting head teacher has indicated the distinct probability that the school will have to close if they are not able to receive external aid from September 2008.
The school are encouraged by the recent government report Faith in the System which outlines the government’s commitment to supporting parents, where possible, to obtain a place for their child at a school of their choice. Faith schools, the report states, are one way to create a more diverse system in which schools have a distinct specialism, mission or ethos. The report notes that the government does not have blanket policy of building more faith schools or more non-faith schools but instead supports schools with a religious character where there is evidence that this is what the local community wants.
It specifically states that the government supports independent schools joining the state sector when parents, a school and local community want it, clearly the case with regard to Iqra, noting that nearly 15,000 Muslim children are sent to independent schools with a particular religious character. All Muslim schools in the state sector in Britain were previously independent schools.

Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 15/06/2008 10:59:03 

Slough Islamic school Trust Slough had a seminar on Muslim
education and schools in Thames Valley Atheltic Centre. The seminar was
addressed by the education spokesman of MCB. I could not attend the seminar
but I believe lot of Muslims from Slough and surrounding areas must have
attended. Very soon, the Muslims of Slough will have a state funded Muslim
school but there is a need for more schools. A day will come when all Muslim
children will attend state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim
teachers as role model.

Muslim schools are not only faith schools but they are more or less
bilingual schools.

Bilingual Muslim children need to learn standard English to follow the
National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve
humanity. They need to be well versed in Arabic to recite and understand the
Holy Quran. They need to be well versed in Urdu and other community
languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of
their literature and poetry.

Bilingualism is an asset but the British schooling regards it as a
problem. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not
want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. Pakistan is only seven hours
from London and majority of British Muslims are from Pakistan.

More than third of British Muslim have no qualifications. British school
system has been failing large number of Muslims children for the last 60
years. Muslim scholars see the pursuit of knowledge as a duty, with the
Quran containing several verses to the rewards of learning. 33% of British
Muslims of working age have no qualifications and Muslims are also the least
likely to have degrees or equivalent qualifications. Most of estimated
500,000 Muslim school-aged pupils in England and Wales are educated in the
state system with non-Muslim monolingual teachers. Majority of them are
underachievers because they are at a wrong place at a wrong time.

Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual
Muslim teachers during their developmental periods. There is no place for a
non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. As far as higher education
is concerned, Muslim students can be educated with others. Let Muslim
community educate its own children so that they can develop their own
Islamic, cultural and linguistic identities and become usefull members of
the British society rather than becoming a buden.

We are living in an English speaking country and English is an
international language, therefore, we want our children to learn and be well
versed in standard English and at the same time well versed in Arabic, Urdu
and other community languages. Is there anything wrong with this approach?

It is not only the Muslim community who would like to send their children to
Muslim school. Sikh and Hindu communities have started setting up their
schools. Last week. British Black Community has planned the first all black
school with Black teachers in Birmingham.

Scotland's first state funded Muslim school could get the go-ahead within
months after First Munister Alex Salmond declared he was sympathetic towards
the needs and demands of the Muslim community.
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Reina 
Date Created 16/06/2008 02:19:28 
Message There is no place for a
non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.

This statement may be your ill-informed opinion but thankfully it is illegal to exclude children on the basis of their religion. No school may carry out a policy of social exclusionism. Return to Pakistan if you want Madrassas.


2 of these schools: Belle Vue and Carlton Bolling have 90%+ Muslims. Neither is religious school. Both have Muslim and non-Muslim teachers. Belle Vue is 3rd in country for improvement. Carlton Bolling regarded 'outstanding' by OFSTED.

Both perform better than Feversham - The only Islamic school in Bradford. Your question is answered with these facts. 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 17/06/2008 17:45:11 
Message Salaam

Non-Muslim parents are not going to send their children to Muslim schools. They prefer to move from an area where migrants are in majority.

All state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority, may be designated as Muslim community schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models.

Bilingual Muslim children need to learn standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time, theu need to learn Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author william Haines 
Date Created 17/06/2008 20:19:38 
Message Iftikhar Ahmad,

You said, "There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school."

First of all this is religious discrimination. How would you react if the Church of England and Catholic Church refused to admit Muslim pupils? I always thought equality and fairness were Islamic values but you are a poor advert for Islam.

Secondly some non-Muslim parents might like to send their children to a Muslim state school. We are not all as prejudiced as you!

Thirdly it is illegal for religious schools to discriminate against teachers on the basis of their religion. They should be in sympathy with the ethos but unless they are to be RE teachers can be of any faith or none. Indeed such a question may not be asked during the interview.

Furthermore I cannot see why the British state should fund Muslim schools if your attitude is typical of the people who will be running them. If the majority of British Muslims are from Pakistan why not recommend parents send their children back to Pakistan for an Islamic education instead? I think it is the height of bad manners to go and live in someone else's country, criticize it, insult the local people and then demand that they pay for the education of one's children. This was not the attitude the Jewish community had when they came here. And I thought Muhammad PBUH said Islam was a religion of manners. 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Reina 
Date Created 17/06/2008 20:46:05 
Message http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/display.var.2291585.0.schools_get_good_reports.php

2 of these schools: Belle Vue and Carlton Bolling have 90%+ Muslims. Neither is religious school. Both have Muslim and non-Muslim teachers. Belle Vue is 3rd in country for improvement. Carlton Bolling regarded 'outstanding' by OFSTED.

Both perform better than Feversham - The only Islamic school in Bradford. Your question is answered with these facts.  
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author Md Anisur Rahman 
Date Created 22/07/2008 17:38:05 
Message I am looking for a islamic girls school for my daughter who is 12 years old, and school not be under the supervision of islamic parties( free from politics) 
Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
Author DulliesRar 
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Topic Re: Islamic Schools 
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