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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Modern Foreign Languages 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 06/02/2003 17:41:41 
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Sir Trevor McDonald is a champion for the introduction of foreign languages at Primary level, The British society is a traditional society and reluctant to learn a foreign language. British approach to language is hopeless. Common tongue leads to laziness. The immigrant communities who have settled are forced to learn English at the cost of their own mother tongues. The grants given by the European Community for the teaching of mother tongue has been spent to teach English Language. The result is that the future generations of immigrants have lost touch with their mother tongues and roots. Among all the minority communities, the Muslim Community suffered more than any body else.

French and Germans are of the opinion that the British Education System has never been serious in teaching foreign languages. Even the British pupils find learning of any other language difficult and uninteresting. There is a shortage of language teachers. The standard of teaching is also poor. The result is that few students go for higher education for the mastery of foreign languages. Research has shown that teaching two or more languages at an early age has many advantages. While foreign languages are being taught at an increasingly younger age across Europe, pupils in the United Kingdom are among the last to start.
The British society is very proud of its mother tongue because it is spoken and understood through out the Free World, therefore, the pupils and the teachers do not take interest in the teaching and learning of foreign languages. France and Britain will help school children to learn one anotherís language under a scheme agreed at Anglo French summit. There is also a need for exchange of teachers between Britain and Pakistan for better understanding. British teachers can teach Standard English to Pakistani children and Pakistani teachers can teach Arabic and Urdu to Muslim children in British state schools.

Arabic and Urdu languages are part and parcel of modern foreign languages in the United Kingdom but are neglected like other European Languages. Urdu is a lingua franca of the Indian sub-continent and the National Language of Pakistan. In the United Kingdom it is spoken and understood by majority of Asians. The teaching of Arabic and Urdu at primary level will help the Muslim pupil to learn more about themselves and their roots. The teaching of foreign languages will help the British youth to understand other cultures and pave a way for better understanding among nations. The teaching of Arabic and Urdu will help Muslim children from the sub-continent to take pride in their own culture and roots. They will not suffer from identity crises crucial for mental, emotional and personality development.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Topic Re: Modern Foreign Languages 
Author The Reverend Peter M. Hawkins 
Date Created 05/11/2005 09:55:20 
Message English is not strictly speaking the British Language, which would have been Welsh/Cornish/Gaelic/Breton. English came with the Anglo-Saxons from the continent in the Middle Ages, and pushed Welsh almost out of England, with Cornish in that Duchy and Welsh in that Principality. After the Anglo Saxons came the Normans and so the official Court Language for legal matters remains Norman French when laws receive the Royal assent.
The triumph of English as an international language owes much to McCauly in India in the 19 th Century.
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