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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic muslims' adress issue 
Author khadija Abdulkadir 
Date Created 27/03/2003 13:30:36 
Message Assalam alaykum,

I have been following the posts, events, articles on this site keenly, am wondering though is this site only adressing British muslims issues? I feel some of us are being left out a little.

Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author indah yasin 
Date Created 18/05/2003 07:55:27 
Message assalamu alaikum

i like this site even that i live far away from yours. i comefrom indonesia. like what khadijah mentioned above, yes i agree with her. why don't we try to talk and find more topic of islam specifically. or maybe we can make a discussion rooms like room to discuses about woman in islam etc.

Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 18/05/2003 09:36:48 
Message Salaam

You are free to discuss any issue concerning Muslims all over the world.
Kind regards.

Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author donvan 
Date Created 26/11/2003 21:15:50 
Message You are left out a lot.
Find Christ. you will never be left out. 
Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author noura miraby 
Date Created 05/03/2004 12:42:30 
Message You know what Donvan....you have a problem!!!.......your an ignoramus.....my God....you are so ignorant.....Are you indirectly telling us that you religion teaches to disrespect other people's religion...coz since i don't know you that much ...what you say proves to show that you come from a background of no tolerance, disrespecting people and their choice in anything...can't you just mind you own beliefs and leave others to...is'nt that what is taught even in the bible...so why aren't you practising that...you see!! your even a hypocrite...
God have mercy on your Lost mind... 
Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author Its me, the general surfer again! 
Date Created 12/05/2004 00:41:03 
Message Abhay Donvan! Can you please tell me where can I find a Christ? Where does he live today? I mean our Last Propher Hazrat MOHAMMAD S.A.W has died centuries ago and his grave is in Madeenah and we are not follow his grave. We are to follow his messages, ie Hadees/Sunnah which we have perfectly preserved. Do we have some similar thing left by your Christ? Some thing which is as perfect, uncorrupted as it was when sent down to humans? Well, I think its easy to say, "Find Christ!" but its impossible to find some one who was "hanged on cross" by your fellow jews some 2000 years ago. I am not trying to insult some ones beliefs. But I am trying to say, "THIS IS NOT A GOOD MANNER OF DISCUSSIN AN ISSUE."

Btw, I wonder, whats your stance towards the left out christians, jews and athiests who are dying in the name of America and protecting the illegitimate disrael? Man! There number efar exceeds those of apparently left out MUSLIMS. I wanna know why those dying-for-nothing lolypop breeder soldiers, look for a Christ too? Help them please! Oh please! Its horrible to see wives becoming widows for our bush. Shahadah is our glorious heritage. Any MUSLIM feeling panic with my feelings?

Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author lea786 
Date Created 18/05/2004 22:15:47 
Message asslam'alaikum brothers and sisters,

i have an idea, maybe when these comedians post messages we can ignore them, each time we reply and try to tell them, they ignif we do not reply, and we laugh it off, then on judgement day they will no longer be writing or polluting our notice boards, they will paying the price of a coffier!

insh'allah they will grow up in their own time, this site cant be that bad, as they keep visiting it time after time again and again, welcome to islam.  
Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author liloldme 
Date Created 30/05/2004 06:05:28 
Message ahem! mr. donvan, would you plese reserve such comments to yourself and not make a fool of yourself in front of so many readers? i would like to respect you, but shucks!! what can i do when the other person does not want to be respected!
reading some of your other posts, i thought u were educated... but now i'm having this doubt...maybe you get information from the wrong school of thought. ok i'll take back those words (but u've read them any way he he he ...sorry). anyway, if u want to get your point accross, do so in a polite and reasonable manner. otherwise, i would be compelled to think of u as just another teenybopper (not that my opinion would mean anything to u). no offense please. i was airing my view just as u were airing yours. 
Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author James Watchman 
Date Created 16/06/2004 11:30:52 
Message Lets get a few things straight neither Christianity nor the Muslim faith believe simply in live and let live. We both believe we are right and yet one of us must be wrong. The Bible does teach tolerance of other people but if I believe a Muslim is going to Hell because she or he does not have a saving faith in Christ Jesus it is my duty to say so and explain why i believe so and how one can receive salvation. If not it is like saying nothing when you see that someone is about to walk off a cliff or out in front of an on-coming car. Actually worse than the way that most of my secular compatriots see it because I believe the consequences are eternal.

In the same way Muslims struggle to spread their faith - the Muslim faith is not growing in Britain because the Muslims sit back and say live and let live to the non-Muslims.

Another writer asked what Christians have that is as perfect as the Quran or other Muslim teachers. Well real Christians believe that the teaching of the Bible is perfect. The writer talks about the grave of the teacher but the lack of the grave of Jesus is proof to the Christian of Christ's ascension into heaven and so of the truth of the Christian message.

Muslims say that the Jewish scriptures have been corrupted but Christians see the fulfilment of the prophecies of the Jewish scriptures in the life of Jesus as proof that the scriptures were not corrupted. Furthermore we see Jesus as the seal of the true prophets and the teachings of the Apostles as the completion of the record of his teaching.

I therefore hope that this site can be used for dialogue and that with this means for dialogue and Muslim struggle to promote their faith the violent forms of Jihad or crusade will cease.
Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author pjp 
Date Created 20/07/2004 19:55:40 
Message Iftkhar,

I am still getting 18+ copies of these to our mail boxes at emld. I have, politely, asked you several times if you could not send them to people who have not requested them – the content is interesting- but from now one they will be redirected to the spam desk at btopenworld with an automatic complaint about your breach of use conditions and a request for refund of subscription charges will be sent to bt accounts.

Please be aware that while I have a great deal of respect for those who campaign honestly for a cause – I am extremely upset by people who are arrogant, discourteous and flagrantly break privacy laws (spam) to do so when there is no need. You can obtain mass mailers that identify recipients and can permit people who don’t want to be on the groups for free now. There is no excuse for your behaviour and it will be sad if you are shut down and barred from ISPs

Topic Re: muslims' adress issue 
Author Nigel 
Date Created 21/07/2004 20:29:31 
Message Why do muslim posters not spell check their postings? It does not give one much confidence that they have correctly recorded the Quran for 1600 years!

What do you say to the Shia claims that three quarters of the Quran has been lost?

If the remainder has been correctly handed down, why are the mores of an obscure seventh century Arab tribe relevant to 21st century England? We have not buried our daughters in the desert for many years, much as we may have wished to. 
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