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Topic perception about islamic bank 
Author Tahreem 
Date Created 07/09/2008 17:56:12 
Message a) Do you feel you understand the difference between Islamic and conventional banks

b) Do you feel Islamic products are more costly compared to interest bearing products?

c) Do you think Islamic banking product should be used even if they are more costly?

d) Do you think Bank promote Islamic values ( honesty, commitment) and reflects on mission which is social welfare and ethical, religious goals

e) Do you think that Islamic banks value their customers needs better than their conventional competitors

f) Do you think that the objectives of Islamic banks is to only increase profit

g) How effective islamic bank marketing....Do you think that Islamic bank use sufficient Qur'an and Hadith sources to market their products

h) Do you think Shariah advisory board members are competent to give authentic advice to bank

i) Do you think that Shari'ah banks copy conventional products & use Arabic names to market their products

j) What do you prefer new purely Islamic bank or Conventional Islamic window

k)Are you satisfied with your existing bank?

l) What are the main challenges for islamic banks to survive?

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