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Topic Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 29/10/2003 22:55:46 
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Open Letter to Bradford LEA
Children who don’t have a good grasp of English should be encouraged to speak their own language in the classroom, according to a new draft policy for Bradford. Teachers should make more use of other languages to help children both at school and at home. A third of Bradford pupils speak a language other than English at home. No child should be expected to cast off the language and culture of the home. Improving pupil’s English and encouraging them to develop their home language go hand in hand. Encouraging children to use their mother tongue could learn other subjects faster. If the children’s mother tongue were not developed, they would struggle to learn any other language properly.

It is the first time in the history of Bradford’s LEA that a right step is going to be taken seriously to raise the standard of education. It is a well known fact that a child’s education suffers if there is a negative co-relation between school and home. Majority of pupils are Muslims and state schools have been mis-educating and de-educating for the last 50 years. British teachers are not professionally and academically well equipped to teach bi-lingual Muslim children. Muslim children suffer from Identity Crises and face mental, emotional and personality problems.

Muslim children need Muslim bi-lingual teachers. Teacher is a role model. It is very difficult to find such teachers locally because state schools have followed the policy of suppressing bilingualism for the last 50 years. The first wave of Muslims arrived with two or three languages including English but the subsequent generations know only English in local accents and not Standard English to follow the National Curriculum.

The only way forward is to recruit teachers from Pakistan who are professionally equipped in bi-lingual education. They are in a position to help and assist local teachers, teaching National Curriculum right from Nursery level. They can also teach Urdu language so that Muslim children could keep in touch with their cultural roots, as most of Islamic literature and poetry is in Urdu language and is a National language of Pakistan. Urdu language will pave a way for the learning of Arabic language because of similar script. I am in a position to recruit 100 teachers from Pakistan within a month, if the LEA asks for it. Without proper teachers, children will keep on suffering academically and socially. It is money well spent not only for the Muslim community but also for the betterment of the British society. It is a lesson for other LEAs to follow to raise the standard of education of the Muslim children in their schools. It will pave the way for better understanding and respect between host community and Muslim community.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Topic Re: Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Author M A Patel 
Date Created 04/12/2003 21:54:18 
Message Salaams

Paradise primary School (Dewsbury)

1. SATS 96%
2. No Bi-lingual assistants

Get it

Was Salaam 
Topic Re: Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Author Jeff 
Date Created 25/12/2003 23:51:13 
Message Stop spamming the Trials of Ascension OOC Forum! You do nothing but hurt your cause by such annoying innappropriate spam!  
Topic Re: Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Date Created 12/01/2004 00:47:39 
Message Using another language other than English at schools causes segregation. In England the main language is English therefore English only should be spoken only in schools.

School’s do not ‘expect children to cast off the language and culture of the home’ as you seem to think. Parents teach their children at home in their own time. Do you not realise how stretched schools are? Most schools are barely have enough teachers. It is more important for a child to learn English if they attend a school in England that speak English!

If a child learns English from a early age it does not effect their learning. As for the quote ‘British teachers are not professionally and academically well equipped to teach bi-lingual Muslim children’ is quite frankly rubbish.

Teachers do not see children by their religion they nurture children to the best of their academic ability. As I said earlier you seem to feel the government has a bottom less pit of money! How are your so-called great ideas going to be funded? Schools unfortunately have many faults many children suffer not just Muslim children. Children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia are left to their own devices and their education suffers greatly. Many children are left down by the education system, not just Muslim children.

As for recruiting teaches from Pakistan, what about the Christian children? That would be detrimental for them!

It’s a parents duty to help their children could keep in touch with their cultural roots In their own time.

Mother(dyslexic, neglected badly at school) of 2 English-Turkish children (6 and 10) attending an English school (were are in England!!) speaking English as school. Fluent in English, Turkish and Kurdish. Learning both Christian and Muslim teaching which are taught by myself and husband in our own time. I have been married for 10 years to my Turkish husband. It is our job to teach our children cultural/religious values not the school.

My last word I do not believe in Muslim only schools, it cause segregation, which is something England should not strive for!  
Topic Re: Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Author Dase 
Date Created 11/08/2004 18:00:55 
Message Please I will like to know why it is only Muslims schools that you always speak of, most especially of muslim children being at disadvantage.
Well, I am not a westerner neither am I white, but I have noticed that anywhere there are two or more muslims there is always a problem. If the muslims feel cheated, I guess they should go back to Iran, Libya, sudan etc where the main language is Arabic.
I guess the muslims should try and be more adaptive in all their endeavours and stop crying foul.
If you speak of muslim chilrens being at disadvantage, what of Christians and other children who are being discriminated against in Egypt and sudan check this site for further link www.copts.com and May I ask why in Saudi Arabia why Christians are not allowed to have their own separate schools?
Mail me if you are ready for fuller discussion and I shall give you comprehensive details.
Mind you, I was trained in an Islamic schools and partly from a muslim background. 
Topic Re: Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Author Me 
Date Created 17/11/2004 13:16:52 
Message Your grasp of English seems ok Iffy! 
Topic Re: Open Letter to Bradford LEA 
Author A Muslim 
Date Created 24/09/2006 01:39:11 
Message "I am in a position to recruit 100 teachers from Pakistan within a month, if the LEA asks for it."

Of course you in a position to go down to Pakistan, demand money from 100 individuals (ghoos), promising them a UK Visa and work permit... or you'll get more of your relatives in to mess up East London more than you already have.

Sort out yourself first and blame the British society later. Get yourself a job... I'm tired of paying taxes so you can spend your benefit money on this website.

By the way, did you know the Benefit Agency now know about the shops you own on Upton Lane and Green Street?

You know what's wrong with this country? Its you Ifty. You give muslims a bad name. Shame on you. Why don't you go back to Pakistan? Oh I know why.. no benefits, no jobseekers allowance, nohousing benefit - you don't work, you don't eat. And no white women to look at either.. we know why you are here you hypocrite!!

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