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Topic Studying Muslim Community in GB 
Author Ana Anna 
Date Created 28/02/2007 14:32:13 
Message My name is Anna Adamska and I am studying cross-cultural psychology in Warsaw, Poland. Whilst my studies focus on cultural diversity, I put my interest in Islam. Now, when I am about to write my master degree thesis, I would like to materialize this interest. If I am to succeed, I will need your help.

In this project I would like to take a closer look at the Muslim community in Great Britain. I am particularly interested in how Muslims find themselves being a part of the culturally diversified British society.

I am collecting information through simple questionnaire. My Pakistani friends in London helped me a big deal filling a number of questionnaires, but still it is too few to be a reliable survey.

So I dare to ask - would you be so kind and help me in my project? Filling out the questionnaire takes approx. 10 minutes.

Here`s the link: http://annas_dissertation.republika.pl

The questionnaire is anonymous, you do not have to disclose your names,
e-mails or any other personal data. The results WILL NOT be considered individually and collected data will be used only by me and only for the purpose of my thesis.

I appreciate your help!

PS- If you have any questions about the project, feel free to write me on adamska.anna@orange.pl

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