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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Chastity Crusade 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 05/10/2004 21:51:00 
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Chastity Crusade

An American Christian group is visiting Britain to preach sexual abstinence to teenagers. It is going to persuade them to wear a “chastity ring” on their wedding fingers. It is very difficult to find a virgin teenager in modern British society. Abstinence is the only way to stay disease and pregnant free. The group’s message would be irrelevant to most teenagers who are mature enough to lose their virginity at 14 or earlier. Silver Ring Thing is selling chastity rings for £10.00 to discourage teenagers from premarital sex.

The movement was founded in 1995 by Denny Pattyn in the United States. He calls today’s teenagers “the cesspool generation”. The UK has the second highest teenager pregnancy rate in the Western world. Over a million young Americans have already taken the Silver Ring Pledge. The British Humanist regards it the latest cranky Christian concept from America and has the full support of George W Bush with one million dollars as part of his campaign to replace sex education.

Western society is really un- interested in having sex free life before marriage. A Headmistress has condemned parents who allow their teenage daughters to wear skimpy clothes. Thousands of high street chemists are to be told they may be allowed to sell the morning-after pill without prescription to girls under 16.

Islam condemnation of permissive society is actually quite attractive to many who are concerned by the frightening growth of sexually transmitted diseases and break down of stable family structures. Muslim pupils need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers to develop Islamic Identity. The new UK independent Party Euro MP said that business should not employ women of child –bearing age. We talk about the promiscuous society that relegates sex to a self-gratifying experience and refuses to acknowledge that self-control and having only one sexual partner for life might halt STD. In Afghanistan 99.9% of teenagers are virgin. The reason is that all teenager girls leave homes wearing Afghani Burkhas. There is no mix gathering. They attend single sex schools. They marry as early as possible. If the teenager girls start wearing Afghani Burkhas or Jilbab, I am sure that they are not going to lose their virginity before marriage. The other alternative is the wearing of Jilbab. The success of chastity crusade will depend on the number of teenagers leaving homes for schools with Jilbab or Afghani Burkhas.
Iftikhar Ahmad
Please let us know if you want to be removed.
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author yaseen 
Date Created 06/10/2004 00:38:44 
Message I got your email despite demanding you to remove me from email list, and in it, you encourage me to visit your website.
Mr Iftikhar, it is obvious that you are in deep waters on issues relating to young children, and Islam.
You continue to plug in your perturbing phrase, 'state funded muslim schools run by muslim teachers for for muslim children'.
If you were in American, you would probably get linched, or in South Africa the same.
You are promoting Apartheid on religious grounds, which is worse than any of the horrific crimes against humanity such as ethnic cleansing.

The holy prophet never demanded that all children go to the kind of school that you advocate for muslim children, who by the way, for your records, would run a mile from the ideas and notions that you vent, in their name.

Believe me, Islam never teaches apartheid or segregation.
Mr Iftikhar, if you think that the 'Partition' of India has brought about a better nation of people in Pakistan, then again, you are WRONG.
Pakistan is no more better at being Muslim, as the mother India is of being Hindustani.
This was the end game played by the outgoing British Raj, not for Muslims or Hindus to segregate themselves for their own good.
You are trapped in that mind warp.

Please do everyone a favour and shut this site down, before they march you off to ***marsh.

Being a Muslim teacher, who has taught in both multi-racial schools and a very famous state funded muslim school, I know that you are very far off the mark.

Islam and muslim discoveries have a great role to play in a new age of Islamic enlightenment but it is for all schools, and for all children, not just for muslims with roots in the Indian subcontinent.

I hope this is the last time I need to clarify my views on this subject.
You need to retire, while you still have time to breathe in a little of the British way of life.
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author repelled 
Date Created 15/10/2004 12:13:36 
Message this articlemakes no sense its really badly written article what have UKIP got to do with it? Are you agreeing with them? And you seem to imply women should be forced to wear jilbab! Your assertion on Afghanistan is ridiculous, women dont have sex before marriage because they are Muslim and they are in a very conservative society...what you wear and whether you have sex before marrige are not directly comparable issues....Also are you advocating child marriage? Absolutely nonsensical article..... 
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author aj 
Date Created 10/11/2004 16:02:59 
Message Hello There,
I would just like to know where can I buy these Purity Rings, as I have a lot of christian friends,and we can't find the rings anywhere in the UK.
I would really appreciate this,
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author Romesh Chander 
Date Created 27/11/2004 19:12:38 
Message It is very easy to keep girls chaste; just marry them off when they are 6 years old, the age Muhammed married Aisha.

Why can't anybody just read Koran and figure out easy solutions to complex problems? 
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author Penny Bloom 
Date Created 09/12/2004 06:49:02 
Message WTF?... Found this site during research... Please tell me it's a joke.

Glorifying the way women have been treated in Afghanistan is like glorifying Nazi Germany.

Oh, and as a sidenote, why aren't you worried about the virginity of young boys? Hypocrisy much?

I think this site should be renamed along the lines of, "Back to the Stone Age with Iftikhar!" At least then the purpose would be clear, and you could stop hiding behind self-righteous rhetoric. 
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author Maureen Davies 
Date Created 04/03/2005 23:25:26 
Message I see your discussion is directed toward teenage girls: What about the teenage boys? Are they to be chaste too? If so there is a problem, not only in the UK but worldwide! 
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author Lone Man 
Date Created 26/09/2005 19:00:13 
Message This whole issue about being chaste and islam is ridiculous. There is no connection whatsoever between what a girl wears and whether she is a virgin or not. Do you mean to say that a girl who wears burqa and hijab wont have sex if she so desires before getting married? And what say about the boys? Shouldnt they be restrained in anyway? Its unethical to restrict the movement of girls by forcing them into that unworthy piece of black clothing even during the hot summer. God knows how they bear the heat.
I am at present residing in the Middle East and let me tell you what exactly goes on here. Most of the arab males usually in the late teens and 20s spend their spare time chasing girls. It appears that this is the only true trade they know. They can be seen almost everywhere following the girls and even harrassing them to get their mobile numbers and get them into bed. It doesnt matter whether the girl is wearing jeans and tshirts or if shes fully covered from head to toe in abaya, burqa and hijab. If islam condemns such things, these people should be expelled from islamic society, but I dont see that happening.
And let me not leave out the girls for they too play an important part in this. These so called burqa clad girls dont mind having a little fun either. I have seen many of them being caught by security guards having sex in the cark parked in the parking lots. the CIDs reprimand them but they are back to their old games the next day.
Further this country is full of Philipino and Eastern European girls who are mostly sponsored by elite arabs mainly for the purpose of sex. I once happened to enquire to an arab guy why they bring in all these girls when their custom prohibits this, and also why not go after your own girls (arabs). The answer he gave me was truly shocking. He told me that the girls are bought from outtside so that these males do not target arab girls for sex and that their ethnicity doesnt get polluted.
Now somebody please tell me, has an islamic upbringing in madrasas do any good? As far as I am concerned, they are no better than the rest of the world whom Ms. Crusade is blaming. Burqas or no burqas, alls the same. 
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 26/09/2005 22:34:40 
Message Just how badly written is the Iftikhars latest rant?

A headmistress once said this "If the wind blows your face will stick like that." Problem is is that she talked absolute rot. Much like Ifty.

"Islam condemnation of permissive society is actually quite attractive to many who are concerned by the frightening growth of sexually transmitted diseases and break down of stable family structures. "
Maybe so but many are concerned by the increased threat of having their limbs torn off when they get on the bus. But you don't condemn such actions and have actively striven to do so.

"Western society is really un- interested in having sex free life before marriage. " This is a sweeping generalisation. Western society is such a vague term anyway. Do you include Latin America for instance where the population is almost 100% Catholic and copulation outside of marriage is frowned upon.

In terms of the spread of STD's does Islam encourage the use of barrier methods of contraception?

"The new UK independent Party Euro MP said that business should not employ women of child –bearing age." So what? There is no mention here of whether they are secular, atheist, animist, christian or dare I say it Islamic? His point is flawed, you use of it is similarly so and the relevance is spurious.

Your point about Muslims having the aility to learn about there own culture is potentially valid. Your treatment of the whole of society (whatever that is today) is so wide of the mark it is untrue.

The treatment of girls being forced to cover up is only valid if it is because they are removed from the lustful gaze of man. By making this the central tenet of your argument you are acknowledging the male of whatever religion is not to be trusted. That copulation is always on his mind.

Is this what you are saying Ifty? Are you acknowledging the fact that you are a randy little goat? Is that why you are so angry and your brain is so muddled? Are you a virgin Ifty? Are you actually 19 and so jealous of the others that are splodging their blob everywhere?

Sorry if this is offensive to anyone and apologies if I have, like Ifty, extrapulated this argument based on nothing more than a slim hunch. Still what Ifty says is increasingly offensive to me.

And his failure to condemn the actions of those Mulsims killings innocents in the city that bears this organisations name is beyond offensive now. It is abhorrent in the extreme.  
Topic Re: Chastity Crusade 
Author bingo 
Date Created 29/12/2007 23:18:29 
Message Personally, I doubt this is a real website at all. I think it is someone, not necessarily muslim, posting inflammatory junk to see what the reaction is. Could be a college student or professor doing research or perhaps even government trolling for info. I base this on the total lack of response from the website to comments made here. It's as if they don't care about the points they bring up, but only the reaction to them. 
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