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Topic Speaking English 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 23/12/2016 16:47:28 
Message Speaking English

A YouTube star was escorted off a Delta flight after speaking in Arabic to his mother and friend, according to accounts he posted on social media on Wednesday morning. So they suspected a language was a terrorist? Not the person but a LANGUAGE? So he is not allowed to speak in Arabic becouse there is terrorist alert wtf this was a pure racist attack on them what happend to freedom of speech. Not to mention the fuel in the delta plane is from the same Arab country that they feel threatened by the language. We all know before and long after this incident, America is a racist nation full of hate and warmongers. Countless more similar incidents. We all know the sad state America is in. This is pretty normal now. Plenty more incidents involving nobodies that's gone unheard.

Adam Saleh, a 23-year-old YouTube star from New York, posted multiple videos to Twitter and Periscope showing himself being escorted from a plane by Delta flight attendants. Saleh said in the videos that after passengers heard him speaking Arabic, they “felt uncomfortable” and called flight attendants.I think it is time these airlines use their heads... If someone is speaking or writing in a language passengers don't understand, this is not a legitimate concern of potential acts of terrorism. This is so ridiculous. People should be allowed what language they can speak . I have never seen this in my whole life who has to ask passenger to leave , you guys have no respect, I think it is ridiculous and disrespectful. I love how people throw a big stink about Arabs being terrorists. They killed a few thousand at best. Germans killed MILLIONS and we haven't kicked any out of planes. White privilege.

Saleh was on a flight from London to New York with his friend Slim Albaher, another YouTube personality, who was also escorted off the plane. There's no telling what some people might be uncomfortable with. Speaking a foreign language or even just trying to solve a differential equation! The offended parties must sue the airlines so that they dare not repeat such violations of individual rights at the behest of a cohort who are plainly prejudiced. Those who said "bye" should be banned & dragged off the plane. This world has gone mad. If they don't feel safe on a plane with people from different countries, speaking different languages they should charter their own fuking planes. I don't feel safe flying with racist, bigoted, narrow minded assholes. This is the blatant Islamophobic crime that Delta portrays time and time again, it's not the first incident, nor it's last, it's victims all have a trend: look, language, scripture of anything "Arabic". Yes Delta is blatantly racist, and yet time and time again they project excuses for their policy of hate.The airline needs to look at its ethos, training and policy.

“They kicked us off the plane because a lady, because a lot of people felt uncomfortable,” Saleh said. “Delta Air Lines just kicked us out for speaking Arabic.” America, how can you be such an ignorant and bigoted people after having walked on the moon, inventing internet and creating The Simpson's ? Why are you becoming so fucking stupid ??? This is just pure and simple social conditioning. We are all fed a narrative by a controlling press, to think a certain way, to act a certain way, to fear a certain person or group of people. You can hardly blame the woman who feels uncomfortable. She has undoubtedly built up a picture in her head of what someone who speak Arabic is, from a misinformed position. The biggest problem is people who are misinformed are generally the most stubborn and the least willing to learn. The "uncomfortable" people should have left! Why should these two young men be inconvenienced for the "discomfort" of racists when they did nothing wrong! This is just sad, would the captain have reacted the same if the Arab speaking passenger would have complained about the English speaking passenger?

Next time I'm on a flight to the Middle East or going to Dubai or flying on Qatar airlines and I see a white person speaking English I want them thrown off the plane as I feel uncomfortable...you know what with the kkk and the IRA and Donald trump and the mentally lone people white people who go around shooting malls schools and churches...I feel uncomfortable when a white person speaks English on a flight... You see how pathetic that sounds....try looking at things from another angle and look at the bigger picture rather than listening to one source and sticking with it and not listening to the other side of the story. What's next?? l get kicked out for having black hair?? Or I need my skin to be white then I can sit along white people?? Not everyone can speak English!!

I've traveled all over the world including many Muslim countries speaking only English with my gay partner. NEVER have I been treated with anything but. I've only ever been humiliated once in an airport and that was JFK. Odd isn't it? For god sake, really? For speaking Arabic? Is this the level where the world is falling apart now? Behaviour and paranoia of this order is dividing the world when at the moment we should all be united irrespective of language, culture, stature or what have you.respect and kindness from crew and passengers alike. If this claim is true then this episode brings utter shame on America and rightly so! Fucking disgraceful!!

Maybe Arabic Airlines should kick off all those that speak Hebrew, can you imagine the headlines? Arabic is a language, Christians and others from the Middle East all use many of the words such as, "Allah-u-Akbar, MA Shaa Allah and Insha'Allah." Simply pathetic this is. Americans are increasingly becoming anti-social, anti-society and anti-world and I'm beginning to wonder where else they'll be able to live and thrive outside the US, their comfort zone. If people can discriminate on the basis of language, then all the psychologists and sociologists in that country need to be mobilized to re-orientate the people and work on their thinking process because it is obviously defective. This is so shameful!

America, the Arabic language is not actually all that scary. We speak all kinds of different languages. And we speak Arabic every day, many words we use are derived from Arabic: Words like "algebra" and "alkaline" are Arabic words. Do you like coffee? Thank the Arabs. We are surrounded by Arabic culture and language. We wouldn't be America without our hodgepodge of cultural influences. Coffee was found in Ethiopia by an Arab Muslim named Khalid, when his goats were grazing the land. He saw one particular berry made them livelier. Instead of just eating them he boiled it in water to make, al-qahwa.

Haha cracks me up when ppl call Arabs unintelligent when they know of Algebra and they don't even realise it was created and named after Al Jabr! Even the Spanish language has so many Arabic words, the contraction 'Al' is Arabic and the Arabic word 'Portugal' means Orange you can guess why Portugal was named that. Alcohol - AL cohol. Alchemy too.

God created all languages at the tower of Babble, and we all come from our first parents Adam and Eve - who were the first two people God created, and God performed the first marriage with Adam and Eve, and Adam said "she is now flesh of my flesh.." and they both became one flesh. smile emoticon:) God does not allow prejudices of peoples - He created all skin tones and thus through Adam and Eve we are all brothers and sisters.

If this story is true then one must ask why the hell did Delta Airlines cave in like that? The Arabic-speaking passengers would presumably have been through the usual airport security checks.Delta has flights world-wide and must be accustomed to carrying passengers of all nationalities, ethnicities and mother-tongues. I have never flown with Delta but I shall make a point of never using them should I need a flight anywhere in future.
If anyone feels uncomfortable because of someone's ethnicity, gender, age, sex, religion, they are free to get off the plane before take-off. I think it's time for the rest of us to request rebooking so that we don't have to be on a flight with people who demand the removal of Arabic speakers. I'm going to start "being uncomfortable" when I have to fly next to obese Americans. And so on and so on and so on. I guess eventually the whole airline industry will grind to a halt....

The right thing for Delta to do was to kick out the racist people. But this is now the norm in an ever increasing xenophobic society. The bigots now all feel empowered and are out of the woodwork, and companies like Delta are legitimizing them. What a disgrace! As a human being I am disgusted by this... The Americans shoots first and then think later. They are led by emotions based on stereotypes and xenophobic beliefs. Delta is a reflection of what American society has become to resemble of. Delta is known to become the Demagogue Airlines. I live in the Middle East, don't speak Arabic, am an Australian citizen and I am appalled! Big thumbs down Delta Airlines and ignorant people! But now that he has it filmed he has both the evidence that he was removed due to his language AND the evidence that Delta Airlines has such discriminatory behaviour toward customers.Doesn't surprise me that there were people "feeling uncomfortable" with them speaking Arabic, considering Trump got 46% of the votes. But the staff actually kicking them out is unbelievable. I hope the guys will be able to successfully sue the company for several thousands dollars.

Yet those people would probably be the first people to jump at a holiday to Dubai or dine in a fancy Egyptian restaurant but are uncomfortable with the language. This is the blatant Islamophobic crime that Delta portrays time and time again, it's not the first incident, nor it's last, it's victims all have a trend: look, language, scripture of anything "Arabic". Yes Delta is blatantly racist, and yet time and time again they project excuses for their policy of hate.The airline needs to look at its ethos, training and policy. This is a f*cking disgrace. I'm surprised not one person told the people asking him off the plane to f*ck off if they want to. That woman who complained has a name and should BE BANNED FROM ANY FURTHER TRAVELLING ON THIS AIRLINE. FULL STOP. This is f*cking ridiculous.

When will it stop? Are you afraid when we talk in Arabic really??? I mean, you are really afraid of someone talking is language with his mom on the phone and with a friend? so you just kick them off the plane... Should I remind you all of you racists (and don't play with words, Islam is not a race etc. I don't care, you hate brown people with other culture, and you know it also happens to Indian / Hindu to be kicked off the planes for your ignorance...) that a few decades ago, Jews were kicked out of transports. That people helping Jews then, where sent to jail or worse to concentration camps, but now we praise them. That you fine people helping immigrants now, because your racism and hate has no limits! For G-d sake! Arab people are humans, we are humans. You bomb the entire world and then cry when a few people die in your country, that is not correct, that is not FAIR, that is not Human. The problem here is not Delta , but the silence among passengers,,,,,,Delta may offer an apology but how about a society that can not stand toward injustice.....is that the new phenomena of being 2017?!!!!!

I read an article of an incident on an Australian bus where the people stood up against someone being racist towards an immigrant on the bus they made the bus driver boot off the racist. Shame on those passengers that kept quiet. That is what is sad. Not the evil racist but those who keep quiet and let others suffer...history repeats itself remember when the blacks and Jews were treated the same... Americans are so xenophobic . ... the language doesn't make one a terrorist .... look closet to home at the home grown white English (well that's debatable) speaking KKK ..... shame on you Delta. I am affronted and disgusted at the behaviour of Americans abroad in restaurants etc... can I get them thrown out for their arrogance and ignorance???

I remember a Chinese company asking forgiveness as they were convicted of being racist!!The whole world was angry!! But now nothing would ever happen coz it happened to a Muslim. Now no ones a racist!! Shame!!! It's not cool to speak Arabic, to have a middle eastern name, to mention an opinion in the comment section while carrying a name that doesn't spell particular, to dress other than western...paranoia at full scale escalation. Not all Arabs are Muslim, just saying... People can be so ignorant, I'm more afraid of what the world is becoming than being afraid of a non English speaker regardless of the language they're speaking. It's not even shocking anymore...I've come across racist white Americans a couple times on Internet debates and have found them the most stupid and violent natured people out of all. I mean we have EDL and Britain First but nothing compare to these vile Trump supporters. You can't use reason with them. frown emoticon:( I don't argue with them anymore though...don't want them to take it out on Muslims living in their country.

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