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Topic Ofsted Inspection of a Muslim School 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 10/01/2017 20:16:05 
Message An Islamic independent school has been slammed by Ofsted after inspectors found CCTV cameras in the toilets and students could not name the Prime Minister. Darul Hadis Latifiah, an all boys school in east London, was branded inadequate across all areas, as the school watchdog concluded pupils were 'not prepared for life in modern Britain'. Many of the students at the school in Bethnal Green, did not know Theresa May is the country's political leader. There would be lot of native adult Brits who do not know the name of their unelected prime minister since Cameron quit the damn job. Inspectors also found a book which 'promoted inappropriate views' on how girls and women should behave and said changing rooms and showers were 'grimy and disgusting' after mouse droppings and sharp metal were found on the floor.

'While we accept that there were a few failings affecting the judgement on safeguarding leading to an overall 'inadequate' judgement, we have good reason to believe that the report is excessively negative and does not give an accurate picture of our students' attainment and progress.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the school said: 'We are currently preparing a formal complaint to Ofsted about the way the inspection was conducted and judgments were made.

'Nor does it give an accurate picture of the overall quality of teaching, and of parents' views of the school's performance.'

The fact of the matter is that Ofsted will flag up ANY school for extremist views and radicalisation if it does not promote liberal social values such as gay rights or feminism. This applies even if the children are 100% white and British and the school is run under Christian values. At the moment the attention is on Islam so secular and Christian schools which flout liberal social values are likely to receive a ‘slap on the wrist’ treatment and very little media coverage compared with Islamic schools.

The general feeling in England towards Muslims is one of disgust and fear. This feeling is growing and is present at all levels of society. As extremist harm more people in the world Muslims in the UK will face more discrimination and hostility.

The only people that are enjoying life in the UK are the Jews. They live in communities, have their own ambulances, schools, universities and remain unchallenged in this. While they use their influence to make sure that other communities don’t achieve the same. If other communities strive to prosper they use the media to portray a take over, a plot a conspiracy.

A mere association with a conservative Islamic position has resulted in the school being placed into special measures. This preposterously ridiculous position is simply bigoted in its targeting of Islam. One wonders what the take would be if a Christian society had links to anti-gay Bishops and priest – would the Catholic Church schools be deemed extremist because the Catholic synod rejected proposals for wider acceptance of gay people? Why have not the “narrow” curriculum of Orthodox Jewish schools be brought into the discourse of “extremism”? And, as the poet and writer Michael Rosen Tweeted highlighting the duplicitous standards of neocons Michael Gove, will the links between state-funded Lubavitch schools and illegal West Banks settlements be investigated for “extremism”?

The “extremism” card-dropping has become the discriminatory practice by which right-wing racists and neocons in the government hide their prejudice against Islam and Muslims.

"Islamic extremism" means, praying 5x is Islamic, paying zakat (charity) is Islamic, growing a beard is Islamic, going on Haji is Islamic, a woman wearing headscarf is Islamic etc. Here are some other things that are Islamic….Algebra, numerals, poetry, calligraphy. If a woman who wears the Niqab means she is preserving her beauty and sexuality only for husband, I don't see what's wrong with that, is it better if she is wears revealing clothes where she is the property of every men walking down street to goggle at? I personally don't care about either of them, its a personal choice and you are intolerant anti-Muslim individual.

Ofsted penalised the school for not having an 'anti extremism' policy about how they were preventing their students from becoming extremists. At a recent Ofsted conference, when questioned about when we should write these policies and what they should detail, Ofsted said that schools cannot write these policies yet as DFE have not decided what information is required in them, therefore there is no example and whatever we write will be worthless! There also more boys at John Cass so the separate playing fields have always been in place, as there are more boys go girls in the school. The parents of this school are extremely interested in their child's education and praise the members of staff frequently for educating their children.

No one is taking over the country and this school certainly isn't "extreme". How are the young people being exposed to Islamic Extremism? What it is that there are a few pupils on a YouTube page which has been created away from school. They are looking at material of preachers who are endorsed by bad groups. But that doesn't mean they are exposed to extremism or extremists. Its just as the EDL are over the top supporters of the queen. Doesn't mean that the queen is a bad person because she is endorsed by some right-wing extremists. Does it? Daily Mail please stop adding fuel to the fire with your exaggerated style of writing.

What gives Ofsted the right, or indeed any Brits to preach to minority groups about how they should live their lives. This is a cosmopolitan country, the Muslim community have the right to educate their children how they choose. What has being British got to do with your religious belief? In Britain there are Hindus,Sikhs, pagans,Jewish, Buddhists, atheist, Zoroastrians, Rasta's and many more should they all change their religious beliefs because they are British? Studying the Holy Quran will certainly help towards these children becoming fully integrated citizens of the UK.

Topic Re: Ofsted Inspection of a Muslim School 
Author Ab Razzaq 
Date Created 11/01/2017 20:53:50 
Message What gives Ofsted the right is an act of parliament. Ofsted inspect regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages, to protect them from those with an agenda. It is high time Madrassas's were inspected by Ofsted and appropriate action taken.

Studying a fairy story will not help children become fully integrated citizens of the UK. Throwing off the outdated dogma of religion and embracing modern values including recognition of the rights of gay people, transgender and women. 
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