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Topic Education of Muslim Children 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 18/07/2017 23:34:59 
Message The government has ordered the takeover of one of England’s first state-funded Muslim secondary schools, an institution where a child died and offensive books were found in the library.

The books stated that a husband can beat his wife and insist on having sex with her. They were found in the library of the Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, which became state-funded in 2001.

Amanda Spielman, chief inspector at Ofsted, the schools regulator, said Al-Hijrah would be taken over by an independent academy trust on the orders of the Department for Education.

What gives OFSTED the right or indeed any Brits, to preach to minority groups about how they should live their lives. This is a cosmopolitan country, the Muslim community have the right to educate their children how they choose. What has being British got to do with your religious belief? In Britain there are Hindus,Sikhs, pagans,Jewish,Buddhists, atheist,Zoroastrians Rasta’s and many more should they all change their religious beliefs because they are British? Studying the Holy Quran will certainly help towards these children becoming fully integrated citizens of the UK.

How can parents safeguard our children, when they are stuck in school, from the intrusion of pretentious business concerns like Ofsted? Well, if I approached a ten-year-old and started talking to her about what lesbians do in bed, I'm pretty certain I'd be arrested. And it would be right to do so wouldn't it? Mind you, it would be no good the inspectors asking me what lesbians do in bed. At my age (7th decade) I still don't know. Have these Ofsted creeps been CRB checked? If so maybe they think it's a licence to perv. A stranger asked me a shocking question when I was an innocent 11 year old.....and I bolted from the creep in disgust. These Ofsted creeps need to be reported.

This is what's behind this: for every Muslim free school put in special measures Ofsted must find a Christian school to put in special measures so it can't be accused of targeting one particular group. The fruits of m/c. I'm not sure I know what lesbians do in bed.... Then, according to Ofsted, you are un-educated and un-British. Were these OFSTED Inspectors "carrying out orders" when they asked these questions, or did they devise them personally ? Do they have a manual of procedures to follow with (say) standard questions ?

The shocking level of targeting of the Muslim community of Birmingham is indicative of the normalisation of the dehumanisation of the Muslims of Britain. Under the pretext of "extremism", criminal undemocratic and unethical abuse of public institutions and the Muslims of the UK can occur without much accountability. This pervasive attitude, especially amongst officials like Michael Gove needs to change. Our schools are truly trying to develop our children to do well at schools so later in life they are able to stand on their own two feet, but if we stop our schools from doing this than our country will have up rise of unemployment, benefit issues, crime levels high, I think its time for you apologize and allow practitioners to do their job right.

It is wrong to assert that a small unrepresentative group of Muslim activists tried to Islamises a state primary school in Woking. The silent majority of Muslim parents would like to send their children to state funded Muslim schools. They are not extremists who want to change of ethos of those schools where Muslim children are in majority. It is the democratic right of every Muslim parent to see that their children receive balanced education, so that when their children grow up, they do not find themselves cut off from their cultural roots and linguistic skills. It is a question of common sense, humanity and reason that bilingual Muslim children must be educated in state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. The whole world believes that people who speak more than one language is a vital economic asset. Pupils who speak more than one language do not cause difficulties. It is the politicians and monolingual teachers who are the problems for bilingual pupils. Muslim school will help to cultivate the child into a healthy, fully flourishing individual with a passion for learning. There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

Muslim schools should be inspected by Muslim members of the Ofsted. They understand the needs and demands of the Muslim children as well as their parents. Twenty leading educationalists and Muslim leaders have questioned Ofsted's impartiality in the Birmingham 'Trojan Horse' affair, education consultant Robin Richardson reflects on the factors behind its controversial recent inspections. What gives OFSTED the right, or indeed any Brits, to preach to minority groups about how they should live their lives. This is a cosmopolitan country, the Muslim community have the right to educate their children how they choose. What has being British got to do with your religious belief? In Britain there are Hindus Sikhs pagans Jewish Buddhists atheist Zoroastrians Rasta's and many more should they all change there religious beliefs because they are British? Studying the Qur'an will certainly help towards these children becoming fully integrated citizens of the UK. Like many Ofsted stories this is no news. There are lots of schools up and down the land without male teachers. Teaching is so female dominated you wonder why pupils are so poorly behaved. After all feminism blames men for everything and here are the results of female dominance...

God has created diverse human beings to live in this tiny global village of one family. Creation by its very nature is diverse with different species, different communities, different cultures and languages. These differences represent the beauty and wonder but diversity is sometimes not fully appreciated, resulting in all sorts of clashes. The British society and Establishment must learn to respect and accommodate others, as if in a family.

Multiculturalism is not about integration but about cultural plurality. It is not about separation but about respect and the deepening awareness of Unity in Diversity. Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society. Multiculturalism can accommodate diversity of all kinds – cultural, philosophical and religious – so that we can create a world without conflict and strife. Britain can assume the role of accommodation and concern for all peoples, for our planet and indeed for our survival. Multi-Culturalism is even more important and crucial after 9/11 and 7/7. Muslim youths are also likely to feel alienated by a focus on shared Brutishness, rather than multicultural diversity. Rather than promoting a single British “us” teaching should acknowledge that “us” can be diverse and plural. Children should be encouraged to explore differences in appearance, history and religion to reduce social and educational fears.

There should be a positive co-relation between home and school, otherwise, the child would be lost in Western Jungle. A Muslim child needs a state funded Muslim school with Muslim teachers as role models during his/her developmental period. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. I am willing to bet there are lots of Brits who have jumped through hoops to get their children into high performing Catholic or C of E schools yet claim to be atheist. I am also willing to bet they would be the first to complain if their children were offered a place at a school with a high proportion of Muslim children. Faith schools are popular with families across denominations and none. If there was a 'don't like' message they would want a place. The whole problem with the "Trojan Horse" schools was that they were providing the education that parents wanted. Speaking to a head of one of the inspected schools it turns out that one of the failed six schools failed because of negative answers given by pupils. The following question was crucial. " Have you been told that it is morally ok for lesbians and gay men to have same sex relationships?" If pupils answered in the negative this was taken as evidence that the school had not taught tolerance and therefore didn't safeguard against extremist views. I heard a parent of a child at one of the Birmingham schools on News night say something like "as 90% of the children here are Muslim, the school should cater for their needs as Muslims".

A civilisation is measured not by the rights it grants its majority but the privileges it allows its minorities. Muslim families are as entitled as any other religious group to schools that nurture their children's faith. Muslim pupils should be educated in Muslim schools because the current system is marginalising them. Teaching Muslim children in a Muslim school would remove the "problem of them being exposed" to values that conflict with Islamic faith. Muslim pupils are disadvantaged and marginalised in the city's state schools because the cultural heritage of the curriculum is "European and Christian".

DFE must close all state and church schools because all of them are the home of institutional racism and all native teachers are chicken racists. It is a crime against humanity to send Muslim children to state or church schools. Muslim community would like to protect their children from the evils of the western society. Muslim children in state schools with non-Muslim teachers are not in a position to develop positive self-confidence and self-esteem. You better educate your children and let Muslim community educate their children according the needs and demands of the parents.

Muslim schools teach Muslim children that sex outside marriage is a sin. Homosexuality is also a sin. Sex before marriage and homosexuality are western values and Muslims are not supposed to adopt them.

British values, which are said to include respect for legally protected characteristics such as homosexuality, religion, gender change, disability, race and marital status. what a warping of British values, the British values I was taught are respect for the institution of marriage, freedom of religious pursuit, freedom of speech, respect for the monarch. respect for others.

British culture. Watch BBC News about Rolf Harris and his evil deeds for the last 50 years. Muslims feel ashamed of British culture and it values.

Let's not pretend this whole "British values" nonsense is about anything else than targeting British Muslims and pretending that they are somehow different from everyone else in this country. Just as demonising Jews was once the means by which a country unified itself, so now Britons who are being viciously attacked by this Government and its super rich patrons are being asked to unite behind the flag and a vicious campaign against Islam. The neoliberal revolution, as damaging to ordinary people as the enclosures of the more distant past and the industrial revolution of the more recent, is about to claim more victims: our fellow citizens who happen to be Muslim. It is not British values our children will be taught it is simply the values that enable the establishment to continue on, in the same way they make sure that is what is taught in private schools will guarantee the continuation of 'born to rule' clones, brainwashed just as much, as detached from the rest of the population as they can be, fearful that the classes should dare to mix and actually start to understand or even empathise with each other, or God forbid work together towards a more equal society. Yes, it all stinks. Not helped too with the latest news that the only extra funding this Govt deems to fit to pass on to schools is to try and encourage state school children to join military cadet organisations. Now there's a tradition that continues on - providing the next generation of cannon fodder to again continue on what the rest of us in reality should be fighting against.

Indiscipline, incivility, binge drinking, drug addiction, gun and knife crimes, teenage pregnancies and abortion, homosexuality and gay marriages are part and parcel of British schooling. These are the reasons why majority of Muslim parents would like to send their children to Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Only less than 5% attend Muslim schools and more than 95% keep on attending state and church schools to be mis-educated and de-educated by non-Muslim monolingual teachers.

A couple of Pakistanis have adopted the British values of grooming young children. They are the product of the British schooling with non-Muslim monolingual teachers. I have been doing Jihad in the field of education for the last 45 years so that each and every Muslim child should be in a state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. I would like to see Muslim children developing Cultural, linguistic and spiritual identities so that they could keep themselves away from western barbarity of anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, drug addiction, teen age pregnancies and abortion and lot of other evils but people like you do not want to see Muslim children in Muslim schools in the name of integration. Now you have seen the result in the form of sexual grooming of young children which is a common occurrence in your culture.

The demand for Muslim schools comes from parents who want their children a safe environment with an Islamic ethos. Parents see Muslim schools where children can develop their Islamic Identity where they won't feel stigmatised for being Muslims and they can feel confident about their faith. Muslim schools are working to try to create a bridge between communities. There is a belief among ethnic minority parents that the British schooling does not adequately address their cultural needs. Failing to meet this need could result in feeling resentment among a group who already feel excluded. Setting up Muslim school is a defensive response. State schools with monolingual teachers are not capable to teach English to bilingual Muslim children. Bilingual teachers are needed to teach English to such children along with their mother tongue. According to a number of studies, a child will not learn a second language if his first language is ignored.

British schooling is the home of institutional racism and native teachers are chicken racists. Teachers and head teachers turn a blind eye to bullying, it's a fact!! Even if there is an anti-bullying policy it doesn't mean they'll act upon it when they see a pupil being bullied. Schools do NOT tackle bullying by ejecting the bullies themselves but will gladly sweep the problem out of sight in case it blots their Ofsted rating which has become more important now than the education and well being of the pupil. Bullying is unacceptable. The bullies should be targeted, not the victims.Just watch 'Educating Yorkshire' to see how senior staff tiptoe round the bullies trying not to offend them. Also a general point - there are many teachers these days with a strange psychological need to interact with the trouble makers and retain them within their schools. They tell everyone how caring they are for keeping the badly-behaved in their schools, when in fact they are keeping a bad person who is causing misery and stress and anxiety to the other children. Not so caring after all, as they keep claiming they are. Teachers are supposed to protect your children, not indulge the bullies and allow them to reign in schools. The statistics for bullying are damming as are the statistics for the quality of education in this country............ever down we go.............where is the bottom of the pit? This is what I hate about schools in general. Many of them turn a blind eye to bullying. If they do catch a kid bullying another kid, they either do nothing at all or give the bully a slap on the wrist. What's worse is that kids are now turning to Facebook and other social media to continue the bullying outside the classroom. So actually, even a kid who transfers to another school can easily be bullied by the same kids they tried to get away from. When will schools listen to people and understand that bullying is serious?

British schools are not doing enough to tackle racism and promote race relations. Many teachers are unaware of racist attitudes amongst pupils. Schools have a responsibility not only to deal with racist incidents but also to prepare pupils for life in a multicultural and multiracial society.

A report by the Institute for Community Cohesion found that native parents were deserting some schools after finding their children out numbered by pupils from ethnic minorities. Schools in parts of England are becoming increasingly segregated. The study focused on 13 local authorities. Many of the schools and colleges are segregated and this was generally worsening over recent years. This is RACISM because British society is the home of institutional racism. My statement regarding Muslim schools where there is no place for non-Muslim child or a teacher is based on educational process and not on racism. Muslim children need Muslim teachers during their developmental periods. For higher studies and research, Muslim teacher is not a priority.

There is the increase alienation of the UK’s British Muslim population, through stigmatism and increasing inflammatory anti-immigrant/foreigner propaganda – which is doing more to marginalize than to integrate its citizens. A fact of life is that these are descendants of the former British Empire/Commonwealth on which the sun never set, many that have lived in the UK for generations, but have kept their religious beliefs, cultures and traditions, remaining largely within their own communities perhaps because the UK itself has its own highly stratified class system with little integration flexibility between its own ranks which has left its former colonies somewhat side-lined. The anti-Muslim drumbeat is relentless. In the wake of the “Trojan horse”onslaught against mainly Muslim state schools in Birmingham, which branded conservative religiosity “extremism”, politically directed Ofsted inspectors have now turned their attention to east London. Six Muslim schools in Tower Hamlets have been failed and a majority-Muslim state secondary school with good results has been put in special measures because of risks of “extremism”.

Children from minority groups, especially the Muslims, are exposed to the pressure of racism, multiculturalism and bullying. They suffer academically, culturally and linguistically: a high proportion of children of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are leaving British schools with low grades or no qualification.

Native Brits must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. The needs and demands of the Muslim community are different from those of natives. Muslims are in Britain not to give up their cultural heritage. They must integrate in their new home country, learn new languages and apply for political representation -- without forgetting their cultural heritage. It is important to learn Standard English, but their languages should not be neglected. Muslim children not only need halal meat or Eid Holidays but they need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their development period also. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. This is nothing to do with a Islamic Madrasas in Pakistan. The needs and demands of British Muslims are different from Muslims living in Pakistan.

Speaking English does not promote integration into British, American and Australian societies, and broaden opportunities. English speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist, thanks to state schools with monolingual non-Muslim teachers and English language. English language is not only a lingua franca but also lingua frankensteinia. Human right are also covers linguistic right. Cultural and linguistic genocide are very common. British schooling is murdering community languages like Arabic, Urdu and others. English is today the world killer language. Linguistic genocide is a crime against humanity and British schooling is guilty of committing this crime. Language is not just a language. It defines one's culture, identity and consciousness. It defines how we think, communicate and express ourselves. The fact is the most South Asian Muslims have come to know Islam by way of Urdu, the children's alienation from the language that connects them the heritage of their parents and grandparents is disturbing. As a matter of fact, one has to get to know his mother tongue well if one is to master any other language.

Bilingual Muslims children have a right, as much as any other faith group, to be taught their culture, languages and faith alongside a mainstream curriculum. More faith schools will be opened under sweeping reforms of the education system in England. There is a dire need for the growth of state funded Muslim schools to meet the growing needs and demands of the Muslim parents and children. Now the time has come that parents and community should take over the running of their local schools. Parent-run schools will give the diversity, the choice and the competition that the wealthy have in the private sector.

There are hundreds of state primary and secondary schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be opted out to become Muslim Academies. This mean the Muslim children will get a decent education. Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism. Muslim schools give young people confidence in who they are and an understanding of Islam’s teaching of tolerance and respect which prepares them for a positive and fulfilling role in society.

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