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Forum Muslim Schools 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 02/01/2008 12:58:55 
Message I did say, in one of my replies to the ever illusive Iftikar, that some Labour do- gooder would listen to your bleatings and seize on the chance of a few more votes and low and behold it’s happened.
Balls, a very appropriate name under the circumstances, Secretary for Children and Schools wants to funnel millions of pounds of British tax payer’s money into the development of 100 Muslim schools and at the same time review the need of Catholic Schools, sounds like a sketch from Monty Pythons but, unfortunately, is true.
The only fly in his, very oily, ointment is Labour MP Barry Sheerman of the Commons Education Committee who wants an investigation into disturbing reports from Local Governments that Muslim schools are reluctant to allow appointed investigators access to their curriculum and have been physically stopped from entering Muslim schools, what is it they have to hide ?, after all what could you be teaching children that you are ashamed of ?.
I am coming to the conclusion, as are many more, that the teachings in your schools and mosques are subversive and dangerous, your hatred towards any non-Muslims is well documented and your distain of the western world seen daily on our televisions. You are not born with this feeling, it is indoctrinated into you from an early age, the sight of toddlers wearing suicide vests is vile, inhuman and unacceptable. Your schools and mosques are nothing more than a breeding ground for terrorists, who’s sole aim is the death and murder of innocent people who welcomed you into their society, just look at the carnage caused by Muslims throughout the country. Now you want us, the tax payer, to fund the training of these sick individuals, I can only hope that the British people wake-up and say “enough is enough” before it’s too late to stop your evil religion from destroying this country from within. 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 02/01/2008 15:51:40 
Message Salaam

All Muslim schools are inspected regularly by the OFSTED. No school could avoid inspection, otherwise, DCSF can cancel its registration. The problem is that British society and Establishment does not want Muslim children to raise their standard of education and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity.

Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. They need to be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curriculum to acieve high grades. They need to be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit.

Ash-Shifa School – Ofsted Report!

Ash-Shifa School was recently inspected by Ofsted (the body set up to regulate education providers) in early November 2007. The inspector spent 2 days at the school rigorously inspecting all aspects of the school, including the curriculum, lesson observations, policies and procedures, development plans, suitability of proprietors and teaching staff.

By the grace of Allah, the inspector was pleased to report that Ash-Shifa School met all the education regulations, achieving a good report. The full report is available here please do read it.

Some excerpts from the report:

‘Ash-Shifa is an improving school which provides good education and care for its pupils. Its views of itself are accurate, and its managers have a clear plan for its future development.’

‘The school successfully meets its aims and all of the regulations.’

‘Relationships between staff and pupils throughout the school are extremely caring and supportive and pupils enjoy coming to school.’

‘Ash-Shifa successfully integrates National Curriculum subjects including religious studies with Islamic studies and a programme of personal care.’

‘Provision for pupils’ spiritual moral and social development is good.’

The quality of teaching and assessment is good, with some that is outstanding.’

‘The relationships between staff and pupils are very good and result in a very positive, harmonious atmosphere for learning.’

‘Specialist teaching takes place in English, mathematics, science, Islamic studies, religious studies, ICT, Arabic and Urdu by staff who have very good subject knowledge.’

‘Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding.’

‘Pupils have good links with the local and wider community’

‘The daily prayer sessions make a good contribution to pupils’ spiritual development.’

‘Pupils have good opportunities to engage in social events within the school and they use the school council well to ensure that their views are heard.’

Author John Oddy 
Date Created 03/01/2008 10:14:00 
Message Iftikhar,
You are a master of spin and a genius at “cut and paste” but your argument holds less water than a colander, your lies and hypocrisy do you the justice you deserve.
Having watched the Channel 4 Dispatches “Undercover Mosques” last night, which I intend to cover later, shows my opinion of you and your evil religion as correct, you want nothing but total domination for your band of paedophile followers, you are a religion of hate 
Date Created 03/01/2008 16:48:20 
Message http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/3662839.stm 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 03/01/2008 19:01:37 
Message SPIN,
Thank you for that link, it goes to show that when they have schools they do not have the ability to run them correctly. A bit like giving a loaded gun to a child.  
Topic Re: death to muzzies worldwide. 
Author Death_To_Pisslam 
Date Created 07/01/2008 00:27:34 
Message The world will be a lot safer when pisslam is destroyed.

Death to islam.
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