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Topic Deportation 
Author Spam Fighter 
Date Created 08/09/2005 11:00:32 
Message We should petition the Home Office to add Iftikhar to the list of banned mad Muslims. Hopefully, once he's out of the country he'll stop spamming other people's messageboards!

Deport Iftikhar now! He's a smelly sand nigger! 
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author bazpartu 
Date Created 14/09/2005 17:38:33 
Message agree entriely - that goes for all of those standingin streets handing out literatre too. they live in the uk now cant we get them done for treason/crimes against the country???? as a predominantly athiest country we should not allow religion to get past the front door. The woman maureen is it ? who calls for multi denominational schools is kidding herself. Islamic part of the school would secularise as they have already donein Bradford, Oldham, Burnley et al. Imagine that, I cannot walk down certain streets in my own country because of, ultimately, ISLAM. Get the clerics out now Mr Blair, then follow it up by demolishing the mosques 
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author NaureenDavies 
Date Created 19/09/2005 05:56:31 
Message Spam fighter and bzpartu: I cringe when I read your emails! I am not supporting Islam, in fact I find much wrong in their treatment of females and views on marriage etc., but we have to give Muslims a fair chance.
I reinterate that the only way to stop bigotry for the future, is to start educating all children in multi-faiths.
As for Iftkhar, I think he is mis-guided. What Islam preaches nd what the Muslims do in reality are two different things. 
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author bazpartu 
Date Created 14/07/2006 16:07:18 
Message Sorry Naureen but you are A typical of modern liberalists. You cannot educate children in multifaiths because the parents of muslims remove them from that education, they are determined to separate themselves and create a counter culture. If you do not recognise this you are living on cloud cuckoo land. We cannot go around' underastanding them' as they are NOT willing to understand us. Ask Israel who is now forced into retaliating against both Hammas and Hizbollah, who after agreeing otherwise have reinstigated their attacks on israel. Oh, and ask the folk in india (all 180 of them killed by muslim terrorists) Funny how all wars seem to include.......islam! 
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author Spacemanspiff 
Date Created 15/07/2006 01:09:51 
Message Hmmm...so Muslims dont like the education system here, and they dont like to be taught about citizenship based issues, and they dont like Western Culture, and they dont want to come into mainstream British culture. Why dont you all just go back to your country?  
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 19/01/2007 23:59:37 
Message bazpartu: I dissagree with you on Multi-faith education. It is the only way that we can achieve peace for the future. We have to start too with the parents and get rid of bias on both sides. There is only one God overseeing all.
The comment on Israel, that would be another thread, ie. how Israel attacked Lebanon.  
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author bazpartu 
Date Created 10/08/2007 14:07:33 
Message Naureen you are, almost a year on, still an idiot. There is no god love, did hubby die? are you lonely these days? Religion is your sole cause - if people are willing to put their whole lives in the care of a 'folk tale' then we truly have lost. We cannot teach multifaith because certain faiths wont allow that in their cultures - get it throught the thick marrow on top of your head - you are why our country is in the state its in - you want to understand them. Well a year down the line what have we got???

Immigration - getting tougher - good!

Patriation test - english should be the only language spoken in er England. Also gives the ragheads an idea of how much we dont want them. Its only in the home counties that this understanding exists. Anyway - lets all stand up as True British citizens doing the best for OUR culture and OUR land. Britain for British - god protect those in iraq trying to make at least a half decetn standard of living for those savages.

Passport chips - not so good but a neccessary evil

Cultural Profiling - well you aint going to get a white scottish lad bombing for the sake of allah (hope his sole never rests the rapist &terrorist - read your history)so yes if the muslim community in this country root out those bad eggs then the whole subculture should suffer, why? because they need to take repsonsibility for a facet of their culture, but they never do. Excuses like islam means peace and bombing is against islam are tired old excuses that do not wash in the dawn of our new and clean right wing society. If they will not actively seek out the cancers within their society then YES they should all suffer.

it is now time for internment!  
Topic Re: Deportation 
Date Created 07/11/2007 19:50:42 
Message Welcome to the club of blogging folks around the world. I look forward to reading your entries, and I hope that you will remain inspired by interacting with us, through exchanging thoughts about whatever comes to mind, etc. 
Topic Re: Deportation 
Author Sean 
Date Created 11/11/2007 20:44:16 
Message Bazpartu -
What about all the Brits living abroad? Before you criticise Muslims for their wanting to have their children segregated and crap on about a British test think about this.
In the South coast of Spain (and this is just an example - I could easily pick out several other examples around the world) there are over 50 English schools run by English people for English people. On Mallorca alone, there are more than 10 such schools. Chip shops, curry houses, Sky sports and English estate agents crop up everywhere. Why?
because the Brits won't integrate, won't have their kids educated in mainstream Spanish schools, prefer to create their own micro-culture and steadfastly refuse to speak the language.
The vast majority of Muslims in England are bilingual and know more about English history than any British child will ever know about Spanish history. Also the Brits are famed for their bad behaviour abroad - just watch programs like Ibiza uncovered. Drunken brawling, hooliganism and shagging around. Do you blame Muslim parents for wanting to keep their kids away from it?
Is the fact that Muslims want to segregate their children a big surprise to you? Your argument seems to suggest that Muslims are somehow strange in their attitude towards integration - yes they are because they actually integrate better than us.
I don't agree with Iftikhar - the man's an idiot and his ideas would make the Islamophobia in this country even worse. Either Muslim parents should realise the importance of their children mixing with other cultures for the future good of Muslim integration and acceptance or they should have them educated in Pakistan or Afghanistan.
However, you're coming across as really dum in your arguments cause you just aren't trying to understand a different point of view.
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