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Topic Aims of The London School of Islamics Trust  
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Date Created 10/10/2005 23:32:52 
Message I notice that these are listed on the website...

"1. The aim is to make British public, institutions and media aware of the issues of the Muslim community in the field of education and possible solutions.
2. To help with social, personal, emotional and educational issues and problems.
3. To provide marriage guidance and counselling.
4. To find divorcees, widowers and disabled persons partners for marriage. "

Laudable as these aims are may I suggest a revised version based on what I have read over the past 12 months?

1. To send out a load of spam emails holding abhorrent views to lots of people that aren't interested that will divide the population into two groups. a Ifty and b Everyone else.

2. To espouse views that make steroeotypical and desparging comments about British society in general and the people in contains (be they Christian, Hindu, Agnostic, Atehist, Druid, Buddhist (everyone who isn't Muslim basically)) and act in a way that reflects very poorly on the overwhelming decent majority of Muslims living within the UK.

3. To refuse to distance itself from terrorist attacks in the city it is based.

4. Generally get on everyones tits.
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