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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Research on Islamic Schools 
Author Nabiha Syed 
Date Created 25/10/2005 13:34:18 
Message My name is Nabiha Syed and I am currently a Visiting Student at Magdalen College, Oxford University, visiting from Johns Hopkins University in the USA. I have received the Ripon Clinger Fellowship to conduct research on Muslim schoolchildren and Islamic education in the UK, a project which I hope will help elaborate upon criticisms and commentary on the state of religious schools in this country.

I am interested in interviewing those who have worked in Muslim schools or have experience with them: this includes parents, children, teachers, administrators and the like; I would like to have a broad range of opinion on the matter. If you are interested in participating, please do contact me at nabiha@jhu.edu via e-mail and I would love to set up an interview(phone, e-mail or in-person, at your convenience!).

Your help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Nabiha Syed 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author The Reverend Peter M. Hawkins 
Date Created 05/11/2005 09:42:13 
Message Some years ago, because I am a Governor of a Maintained Community School locally, I had to interview a boy whose father had removed him from our school because his behaviour was poor. The father originated from Azad Kashmir. The father sent the boy to a Boarding Madrassah in Sheffield, and the boy was there for a year. At the end of that year he managed to leave that Madrassah and had applied to re-join the school where I am a Governor. The boy explained that he had not liked the Madrassah because all it taught was thieving and fighting. 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 05/11/2005 12:08:58 
Message British education system is a home of institutional racism. All teachers are racists. They teach hatred towards othere who are different. They teach to be proud of binge drinking, youbish culture and teenager pragnencies. There is no plce for a foreign culture and languages in British schools. It is a crime against humanity to send Muslim children to state or any school administered by non-Muslims.

Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. There is no place for a non-Muslim teachers as well as non-Muslim pupil in a Muslim school.

In my opinion all state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority should be designated as Muslim community schools.  
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 05/11/2005 20:30:26 
Message So you want apartheid then?

Grief. You really are a loon aren't you? 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author jd 
Date Created 06/12/2005 15:33:45 
Message what do you mean by majority?


In my opinion all state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority should be designated as Muslim community schools.

what would be the policy towards non-muslim pupils

in my view - schools should remain entirely secular and should reinforce the the principals of integration between communities

and as for all teachers being racists - dont be stupid - do you have evidence to back that up - no i didnt think so ... 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author Maureen Davies 
Date Created 13/12/2005 00:46:30 
Message Iftikhar: Friends of mine who are teachers would be absolutely horrified by your comments. They work in the state schools and bend over backwards to help the Muslim children. They are saying it has paid off, as the parents of the Muslim children are friendly toward them. Of course there are exceptions as with anything.
It appears that some Muslims who work in the education department need to get their facts right and at least do some research to back up statements about discord in schools.
It looks as though my idea of having multi-faiths taught in schools is badly needed, starting with the Muslim teachers. 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author concerned humanist 
Date Created 17/12/2005 23:32:05 
Message I've been recieving emails from 'Iftikhar Ahmed' for some time now; and I've usually made a reasoned reply to each one, questioning whether faith schools are really the answer, or whether the problem is with the education system as a whole. Having finally followed the link to this site, I realise I shouldn't have bothered, because:

1) Calling all teachers racist, claiming that they teach binge drinking, yob culture and teenage pregnancies.

No teacher I have ever met or been taught by could fail to be horrified by such an allegation. Poor parenting and lack of opportunity leads to all what you mentioned and more. Teachers are powerless by comparison.

2) Demanding that there be state-funded schools excluding non-Muslims both as pupils and teachers, and saying that any majority Muslim school should become such an institution.

And you complain of institutional racism? If this country EVER institutes such a pernicious, deliberately destructive educational apartheid, teaching muslims and non-muslims only that they are different and cannot come together, that will be the day I either become a revolutionary or an emigrant.

Fortunately I have sane Muslim friends to reassure me that it is not their religion at fault for your hatred and bigotry.

Iftikhar, you show remarkably little understanding of everything this country stands for, and all of our hard-won freedom and equality is less than the dust beneath your feet. Therefore I respectfully suggest that you leave, that others might enjoy the freedoms and prosperity that means so little to you; and maybe you can find out what real institutional racism and hatred of the other are like somewhere that will better suit your taste. Iran, perhaps? 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author The Khyberman 
Date Created 21/12/2005 08:44:18 
Message Touche, Humanist. Touche.
I couldn't have put it better.

The Khyberman 
Topic Re: Research on Islamic Schools 
Author Sayed Ahmed 
Date Created 22/01/2007 18:04:03 

“Peace religion.” That’s been said of Islam. That’s a lie. Islam is a killing cult.

This cult has killer camps teaching young in particular how to murder non-Muslims, as stipulated in the Koran and taught by mosques’ clerics.

Now the FBI arrests a father and son “on charges of lying to federal agents about the son’s training at an al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan, where would-be terrorists pasted photos of high-ranking US political figures, including President Bush, on targets to learn to kill Americans,” reports Jerry Seper of The Washington Times.

Americans aware of the killing cult have sent daily warnings by every communication means available to warn the worldwide peace community that Muslims are committed to overthrow all non-Muslims.

All the while, such Muslim lying entities as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) continue with web site and other means to tell the world that Islam is a cordial religion.

Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Shintoism, Confucianism and Hinduism do not advocate killing those who disagree with their tenets. However, Islam teaches just that: slay the “infidels” — non-Muslims. Those Muslims cowardly enough not to slay the enemy must themselves be slain.

This is what is taught in Muslim killer camps. It is taught via textbooks with teachers. It is broadcast daily, for instance, via Palestinian Authority television. The youth of Muslim nations are indoctrinated to kill off those who do not line up with Allah and the Koran.

With the United States referred to as The Great Satan, America is a prime target for killing off. US leadership is at the top of the list.

Muslims are infiltrating local communities with their mosques and clerics, all of which can in a moment be turned into killing clinics. In fact, one non-Islamic woman reported attending a mosque where she overheard males conducting a secret meeting instructing their students to kill non-Muslims. They were speaking in Arabic, not thinking the visitor knew the language. But she does know the language and therefore discovered the intent of the gathering.

“Hamid Hayat, 23, and his father, Umer Hayat, 45, both U.S. citizens and residents of Lodi, Calif., were taken into custody over the weekend by FBI agents in Sacramento, Calif., after interviews and a polygraph examination.

“An FBI affidavit said Hamid Hayat admitted attending an al Qaeda training camp in 2003 and 2004, and the trainees were being taught to target "hospitals and large food stores" in the United States.

“The arrests, along with the related detention of two Muslim leaders in Lodi on immigration violations, are part of an ongoing FBI investigation into a possible network of al Qaeda supporters seeking to establish a cell operation in the Lodi area -- about 40 miles south of Sacramento, law-enforcement authorities said.

“The authorities also have confirmed that Islamic radicals are being trained at terrorist camps in Pakistan as part of a conspiracy to send hundreds of operatives to ‘sleeper cells’ in the United States. They said dozens of Islamic extremists already have been routed through Europe and Asia to Muslim communities in this country, based on secret intelligence data and information from terrorists and others detained by U.S. authorities.”

No wonder informed French and Danish voters voted NO against the newly formed European Union constitution. They fear the admittance of Turkey into the EU. Though Turkey boasts of being a totally secular nation, it’s a Muslim-based country that influenced EU to adopt a law stating anyone criticizing Islam can be jailed or worse.

No longer do we hear US President George W. Bush speak of Islam as a “peace religion.” His latest verbiage regarding the Muslims is that they believe in an “ideology that teaches hate.” That is fact. It is imperative that that kind of education continues to flow from every branch of the US government, including every school system.

In recent past, Muslims have been invited into school districts to educate faculty and administration concerning their religion being a “faith of peace.” Muslims students in some schools have even been provided prayer rooms where they can go to spread their prayer mats during a school day.

All this is ignorance maximum. It has to be put aside for the truth regarding this killing cult and its murder camps spread around the globe 
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