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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic multilingualism 
Author jd 
Date Created 06/12/2005 13:02:39 
Message in reference to a recent post by iftikhar:

More than 10% of primary and 9% of secondary pupils do not speak English and out of them 7% of primary and 6% of secondary pupils are from the Indian sub-continent. New research shows that children who speak at least two languages do better at schools than those who speak only one. British teachers still see multilingualism as a problem rather than an asset.

another way of interpreting this is that - as an immigrant, you are much more likely to get on in an english speaking culture if you speak english, and that teaching multilingualism (which i assume is teaching partly in english and partly in your home tongue) will result in nothing but a watering down of that ideal

1. how do you define what languages should be tought - muslims cross many countries surely so that is a lot of languages - do you suggest these should all be integrated together or segregatted

2. multilingualism as you suggest does not exist in the world outside of the muslim communities - and hence promoting 'multilingualism' will surely encourage muslims to stay in these communities and not integrate into the larger world outside

thses are some of the reasons why the educational system feels that teaching multilingually is counterproductive

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