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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic oh dear 
Author NF SU 
Date Created 06/01/2006 23:09:24 
Message I find your arguements amusing and fundamentally flawed. I am not a fan of religious zealots from any faith, and I am thankful that you are a a minority even within your own faith. It is people like you who help to fan the flames of such organisations as the BNP.

I personally believe the world would be a safer place if we put people like you in a very large arena and made sure none of you ever got out. If this were to happen then humanity would realise that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration and that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and you are the imagination of yourself.

It is interesting to note the same openess that allows you to talk such utter nonsense isn't prevailant throughout the known world. In fact if I were to ask you to list Countries where religious freedom doesn't exist...maybe just maybe you would be bright enough to spot a trend..... 
Topic Re: oh dear 
Author headdesk 
Date Created 06/01/2006 23:22:30 
Message NF SU,

Can't you see, that people coming over here from other cultures need to feel at home. How would you feel going over to another country and losing every trace of your identity.

Of course these English people need to embrace other cultures, after all, if you look at places such as areas around France/Germany, somepeople can speak up to four languages, what's the problem with English people learning to do the same? 
Topic Re: oh dear 
Author jd 
Date Created 10/01/2006 11:35:02 
Message the point is that british society has done a lot to embrace other cultures and the nature of society has been evolving because of it - sometimes for the better - sometimes for the worse

the problem is that some elements in these new cultures do not do enough to embrace our way of life and adapt - it is not about losing identity it is about adapting and futting in

should britain lose its identity to fit around new cultures? surely not

if we do not all 'fit in - we will end up with the further ghettoisation of inner cities which is patently obvious in London and even Trevor PHillips admits to now

unfortunately Ifty's diatribes thinly viel that he would like to keep communities divided - if that is false then why does he not respond

and yet we constantly have councils banning christian symbols, the word christmas, winter lights ....

this is ridiculous 
Topic Re: oh dear 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 22/01/2006 23:00:37 
Message If Iftikhar's ideal is to keep communities divided as jd suggests it is, then I think Iftikhar is wrong. It has been stated here that the immigrants are not melding in with the English way of life. Look at the history of India when the British were there. They did not integrate at all, neither did most of the whites who went to Africa. It is a natural thing for communities to want to keep to their own kind. The idea of multiculturism is surely the best way. Each group living and working alongside all others and learning new ways of living.
Our children need to be taught about all the different religions, so that the future generations have a peaceful existence. Racialism only comes about through ignorance, which in turn is caused by fear. This can be seen by statements put out by the bnp on the one hand, and by extremist Islamic followers on the other.  
Topic Re: oh dear 
Author alythia 
Date Created 27/06/2007 15:26:04 
Message MaureenDavies i agree with you totally but at the same time u at times have to "do as the romans do" (so to speak)sure teach kids everything and it would help i really think it would, but at the same time although i am a muslim a wuldnt wear a burqa, i would if i was in a place that was prodominatly burqa but england isnt, i will never conform or remove my modest clothes i am muslim to the core pray etc but at the same time i accept and encourage the education system to teach a variety of religions it would prevent much hatred in our society.if we learnt about the truth of islam people wuldnt think women are opressd and we bomb all day! they wuld realise that the people are extreme and bad an not the religion, the same with chritians, if i wanted to only read between lines i wuld think all are rapists and try and take over black countries but i look outside the box as should we all :) 
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